Monday, December 21, 2009

ipod touch

  • beautiful integration of functions
  • great GUI
  • thin STURDY device
  • decent sound
  • many gimmicky animations slow me down
get another one, just necause

Android Mobo blur - Not an Iphone

  • alternative to windows CE and iphone ?
  • (somewhat) embedded google app

  • veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyy SLOoooooooooW
  • awkward GUI design
  • thick heavy device
  • crappy keyboard
  • sluggish display
  • awful integration of functions (for instance gmail account isn't fused with other account)
  • crappy apps
  • weird inconsistent GUI and sluggish performance reminisce of the early days of Linux

a big hack! (avoid)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Concise Review: Lenovo X200t Multitouch

  • VERY SENSITIVE touch screen changes the way you work
  • FAST machine
  • DECENT BATTERY LIFE (4+ hours)
  • rugged (kids stomped on it, spat on the screen and it's running smoothly)
  • overall, this is one BUGGY device
  • HORRIBLE SCREEN with shallow viewing angle making portrait drawing unconfortable
  • touch VERY LAGGY
  • HUGE PARALLAX due to distance between screen and drawing surface prevents precise drawing
  • poor implementation of touch - unlike the iphone, only one point is computed out of the large area of contact of your finger with the screen so you end up missing the button even though half of your finger is in the button area.
  • very thick bezel prevents comfortable drawing at the borders
  • so so keyboard (but solid)
  • pen + touch sometimes stops working and you have to restart the machine
This is the best touch+pen tablet on the market and this is saying a lot about the sorry state of this niche market.

look at that bezel

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Logitech 2 (real) mega pixel webcam

  • great video quality
  • fast pseudo 30 fps
  • 2 real mega pixels !! You can use this as a quick and dirty scanner
  • very solid
  • compact
  • completely idiotic capture software (I can't even drag and drop an image and contextual menu doesn't have "open location" !!!!!!!!!!!)
  • huge lag
You don't really have the choice here, it's the best webcam on the market, unless you want to lug around the HP

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Red Faction Guerilla

  • Blowing buildings realistically bit by bit, the whole structure collapses
  • Blowing a car lifts it up in a very cinematic way
  • Blowing people with that nano forge thing dissolves them and they scream
  • Fun array of weapons (black hole grenade sucks enemies in)
  • boring story
  • boring missions
  • can't carve into the landscape with explosives like in Red Faction 1
  • crashes
Come on ! You want to blow stuff up and this game is the best out there.

Gratuitous Space Battle

  • decent graphics
  • scratches my upgrade itch
  • most upgrades are meaningless and repetitive (upgrade shield from 0.07 to 0.08)
  • no control during the space battle - that's right, all you do is watch (surprisingly addictive though)
  • very buggy crashes all the time
If you're an upgrade junkie, buy it, but only if you're lazy.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Windows 7

  • fast
  • stable
  • awkward ugly GUI feels like mud
  • Mail makes me roll on the floor laughing out loud, I mean a modal window to tell you "hey i'm moving an email for you, look" AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, or putting 80% of your old mail in the junk folder, or crashing whenever, or blocking user input on a whim, clearly not designed for any other use than making people laugh and feel good ... as they download Thunderbird
  • still a memory hog compared to XP
  • abysmal touch support - you have to touch the exact location of each button !!!!
  • plenty of usability regressions compared to XP especially in the explorer
made by aliens who don't understand human beings but still a worthy upgrade from Vista

Snow Leopard

  • fast
  • easy
  • the scroll bar slows down to a crawl when scrolling up with the up arrow key (those guys hire N00bs)
  • slow transitions
ehhh who cares, it's a mac

Monday, October 12, 2009


  • gives you access to the apple store
  • gives you access to the ipod touch and iphone
  • lame download management with a buggy resume function (aka have to reload the 1GB movie from scratch)
  • DRM eats up a slot when download fails (which occurs often)
  • very confusing GUI
  • slow
  • crashes a lot
  • doesn's synch with mozzila products
if you don't own an apple gizmo or don't buy apple store media, avoid this piece of shit and use media player classic instead.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thunderbird 3

  • very good search everything
  • Cheap as in free
  • fast
  • almost works with imap
  • places folders in the wrong place (gmail hierarchy inside junk for instance ...)
  • spam protection still ineficient
  • still can't set the
  • emails sent through imap get placed in the wrong folder or simply deleted
  • GUI a mess (the new search only returns 20 entries and each entry takes a lot of space)
use it if you like clunky

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Plants vs Zombies

  • very addictive
  • cute
  • funny
  • fun gameplay with tons of details (minus interests)
  • it's a defense of tower game so it's awesome!
  • I mean VERY addictive
  • not enough polygons or shaders
fun fast paced game, very brain dead (which is good) and cute with nice touches of humour (yeah that's right, hu-mour) more addictive than WOW and less geeky
just buy it

Terminator : Salvation (game)

  • nice loading screen (good because you'll see it Very often)
  • great sound
  • cinematics cut you in the middle of the action (like in the 90s Cinemaware but without the flair) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • boring level design
  • boring weapons
  • poor enemy AI
  • very short
  • poor voice acting, lame animation, $50 ... details at this point
Typical franchise shit game crapped out by a hord of greedy & egotistical execs (and let's not forget clueless)
Worth every penny if you pay in pocket lint.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

x-men: origins

the other day i ate real cheese. a few hours later i took an epic shit. this shit stank the whole house. how does x-ment:origin compare ?

  • watching the actors' self hatred is priceless
  • everything
insulting attempt at caching in on a franchise - does fox's greed and incompetence know any limit ?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Adobe Premiere CS4

  • haven't found any
  • SLOW!
  • very buggy
Avoid - either keep CS3 or grow up and switch to another vendor.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Self Realization Fellowship (SRF)

  • Yogananda is "the real deal"
  • powerful techniques
  • powerful messages
  • beautiful lake shrine
  • few enlightened brahmasharias
  • heavy administration
  • stuffy
  • techniques do not encompass all limbs of yoga
A powerful first step on the path. Highly recommended but to avoid stagnation, do experiment with other techniques.


  • the music is AMAZING !
  • fun young crowd
  • charismatic leader
  • love based message
  • corrupt : if you donate to the church you go up front, get to present or organize seminars
  • globalist message ("... for a world government" - Beckwith)
  • empty mish mash of spiritual teaching lacking coherence
  • phony
  • zero wisdom
go to Sunday mass for a fun free music show and a love based message, stir clear from any engamenent.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


  • small memory and CPU footprint
  • very efficient at blocking most malware
  • up to date database (do they sleep ever?)
  • none
Install it, buy a megaphone, go to the mac store and shout "My PC is safer than your MAC"


  • included with most pc
  • provides some protection
  • inefficient at protecting against most new viruses and trojans
  • bloated
  • leaves crap behind when uninstalled
Wipe out your system with a fresh new install and install NOD32

Sunday, January 25, 2009

HP tx2z tablet PC

  • cheap
  • powerful graphics and cpu
  • capacitive touch is fantastic
  • stylus very sensitive to pressure
  • very precise digitizating at the edges
  • keyboard stopped working, then pen stopped working
  • about 2 x the latency of the Wacom based tablet
  • flimsy build
  • horrible display angle makes tablet experience awkward
  • fan blows constantly loudly
  • pen doesn't have an eraser
  • pressure not recognized by photoshop
  • cannot use touch and pen at the same time
  • not enough buttons in the bezel
  • keyboard keys stick
Buy it at Fry's so you can return it to buy another tablet.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Samsung E720

  • long lasting battery
  • small
  • good camera/video/audio recorder
  • very tactile keys allow for blind typing
  • packed with useful features
  • flip phone
  • tri-band
  • no internet to speak of
  • Samsung charger
  • proprietary samsung charger and headphone plug
If you don't care about fashion but like reliable functional tools, get this phone.

Readynas Pro

  • VERY fast
  • easy to set up
  • VERY quiet
  • great mature software overall
  • X-Raid 2 makes upgrading very easy
  • very powerful Add-Ons
  • great power management
  • great support
  • a few bugs in the GUI force you to refresh and re-install Add-Ons many times
  • the build quality is not as rugged as the NV+
  • upgrade to >2GB ram recommended
  • hard to access the RAM
If you need a reliable nas that will max out your gigabit ethernet, this is it.

Thecus 7700

  • very fast
  • cheap for the specs
  • very stable
  • VERY noisy
  • complicated GUI
  • buggy FTP and BT downloaders which suck up 100% cpu on one thread
  • lame power management
  • doesn't advertise over the network
Avoid it, buy the Readynas pro instead.