Sunday, November 29, 2009

Red Faction Guerilla

  • Blowing buildings realistically bit by bit, the whole structure collapses
  • Blowing a car lifts it up in a very cinematic way
  • Blowing people with that nano forge thing dissolves them and they scream
  • Fun array of weapons (black hole grenade sucks enemies in)
  • boring story
  • boring missions
  • can't carve into the landscape with explosives like in Red Faction 1
  • crashes
Come on ! You want to blow stuff up and this game is the best out there.

Gratuitous Space Battle

  • decent graphics
  • scratches my upgrade itch
  • most upgrades are meaningless and repetitive (upgrade shield from 0.07 to 0.08)
  • no control during the space battle - that's right, all you do is watch (surprisingly addictive though)
  • very buggy crashes all the time
If you're an upgrade junkie, buy it, but only if you're lazy.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Windows 7

  • fast
  • stable
  • awkward ugly GUI feels like mud
  • Mail makes me roll on the floor laughing out loud, I mean a modal window to tell you "hey i'm moving an email for you, look" AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, or putting 80% of your old mail in the junk folder, or crashing whenever, or blocking user input on a whim, clearly not designed for any other use than making people laugh and feel good ... as they download Thunderbird
  • still a memory hog compared to XP
  • abysmal touch support - you have to touch the exact location of each button !!!!
  • plenty of usability regressions compared to XP especially in the explorer
made by aliens who don't understand human beings but still a worthy upgrade from Vista

Snow Leopard

  • fast
  • easy
  • the scroll bar slows down to a crawl when scrolling up with the up arrow key (those guys hire N00bs)
  • slow transitions
ehhh who cares, it's a mac