Sunday, January 25, 2009

HP tx2z tablet PC

  • cheap
  • powerful graphics and cpu
  • capacitive touch is fantastic
  • stylus very sensitive to pressure
  • very precise digitizating at the edges
  • keyboard stopped working, then pen stopped working
  • about 2 x the latency of the Wacom based tablet
  • flimsy build
  • horrible display angle makes tablet experience awkward
  • fan blows constantly loudly
  • pen doesn't have an eraser
  • pressure not recognized by photoshop
  • cannot use touch and pen at the same time
  • not enough buttons in the bezel
  • keyboard keys stick
Buy it at Fry's so you can return it to buy another tablet.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Samsung E720

  • long lasting battery
  • small
  • good camera/video/audio recorder
  • very tactile keys allow for blind typing
  • packed with useful features
  • flip phone
  • tri-band
  • no internet to speak of
  • Samsung charger
  • proprietary samsung charger and headphone plug
If you don't care about fashion but like reliable functional tools, get this phone.

Readynas Pro

  • VERY fast
  • easy to set up
  • VERY quiet
  • great mature software overall
  • X-Raid 2 makes upgrading very easy
  • very powerful Add-Ons
  • great power management
  • great support
  • a few bugs in the GUI force you to refresh and re-install Add-Ons many times
  • the build quality is not as rugged as the NV+
  • upgrade to >2GB ram recommended
  • hard to access the RAM
If you need a reliable nas that will max out your gigabit ethernet, this is it.

Thecus 7700

  • very fast
  • cheap for the specs
  • very stable
  • VERY noisy
  • complicated GUI
  • buggy FTP and BT downloaders which suck up 100% cpu on one thread
  • lame power management
  • doesn't advertise over the network
Avoid it, buy the Readynas pro instead.