Friday, April 10, 2015

The Hamilton Beach 96700 orange juicer (+tip to stabilizing the steel bowl)

We love orange making juice and lately had the desire to speed up the process by getting a machine. We've tried the 14$ chinese made piece of crap you get in the supermarket, broke after 3 days, then the 50$ 40W machine purchased on Amazon, motor would stop and the thing was so poorly designed that it was returned on the same day.
Reading reviews it became clear that under 200$ you can no longer get anything decent, usually the motor fails after a year, or the lack of power makes the sensor stop the motor before it overheats.
So to cut down on the time searching for the ideal machine, I skipped a few models and went pro with the first affordable model which we just received today.

The Hamilton Beach is the anti thesis of all the crap we're used to nowadays. It's sturdy, it's simple and it just works.

It's essentially a big industrial motor shaped to stand on a counter and packaged with a few bare-bone adapters that give it its juicing functionality. It's barebone and functional to the extreme and I love it.
No fancy design, no unnecessary sensor, just one big button covered with soft rubber.

It's huge, surprisingly silent and it's so well powerful that it takes time getting used to it - not that much time mind you, about 5 minutes but the difference with crappy sub 100$ machines is so massive that you will start upgrading your kitchen to meet this standard.

gutted clean

It's so fast that it takes 20 seconds to juice 2 oranges and it's so efficient that 2 oranges are enough for a medium size glass, instead of the 3 that were needed when juicing by hand or with the other machines we tried.

Each part that come with it is superbly finished, even the reamers are heavy, I say reamers because this thing comes with 3, lemon, orange and grapefruit. Yes, it's for the pros or the fans of uncompromising functionality.

The only drawbacks that you will find are it's too high for even a tall glass and the steel bowl will slide and spin due to the huge momentum produced by the motor.

The tall glass issue is easily fixed with whatever box you put under, for the sliding we repurposed some rubber plate lining like so.

It feels so good to own a well made object that I recommend it to anyone, even think it's beyond your budget, and even if you don't like orange juice.

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