Monday, August 17, 2015

TSA: how to pass security check if you lost your ID

This just happened to me and when I reached TSA I only had on me 2 only had 2 defunct passports on me and was pre-check through GOES.
Here is what I learned:
In such situation GOES is worth nothing, won't help.
Obsolete passport don't count as ID (makes no sense to me either)
So here is what works according to the TSA supervisor:


  • 3 pieces with your name, one of which should include your photo: obsolete passports, electricity bill, a magazine with your name and address on it, credit card, Costco card
  • Answer some Bank-security type questions like "give me a former address you lived in"
Then you go through pat-down, so if you're not a fan of the body scanner you can skip this box and go to pat down directly.

QLink Ally - shield yourself against EMF

EMF are everywhere, electric cables, cell towers, wifi and they jam body functions - you'd have to be stupid to wear one of these on yourself, right?

Now most people don't care about getting degenerative disease as they take time and are offset by conveniences.

For those who do care and want to keep the benefit, there is the QLink Ally.

It works, trust me.