Monday, August 17, 2015

TSA: how to pass security check if you lost your ID

This just happened to me and when I reached TSA I only had on me 2 only had 2 defunct passports on me and was pre-check through GOES.
Here is what I learned:
In such situation GOES is worth nothing, won't help.
Obsolete passport don't count as ID (makes no sense to me either)
So here is what works according to the TSA supervisor:


  • 3 pieces with your name, one of which should include your photo: obsolete passports, electricity bill, a magazine with your name and address on it, credit card, Costco card
  • Answer some Bank-security type questions like "give me a former address you lived in"
Then you go through pat-down, so if you're not a fan of the body scanner you can skip this box and go to pat down directly.

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