Monday, December 21, 2009

ipod touch

  • beautiful integration of functions
  • great GUI
  • thin STURDY device
  • decent sound
  • many gimmicky animations slow me down
get another one, just necause

Android Mobo blur - Not an Iphone

  • alternative to windows CE and iphone ?
  • (somewhat) embedded google app

  • veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyy SLOoooooooooW
  • awkward GUI design
  • thick heavy device
  • crappy keyboard
  • sluggish display
  • awful integration of functions (for instance gmail account isn't fused with other account)
  • crappy apps
  • weird inconsistent GUI and sluggish performance reminisce of the early days of Linux

a big hack! (avoid)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Concise Review: Lenovo X200t Multitouch

  • VERY SENSITIVE touch screen changes the way you work
  • FAST machine
  • DECENT BATTERY LIFE (4+ hours)
  • rugged (kids stomped on it, spat on the screen and it's running smoothly)
  • overall, this is one BUGGY device
  • HORRIBLE SCREEN with shallow viewing angle making portrait drawing unconfortable
  • touch VERY LAGGY
  • HUGE PARALLAX due to distance between screen and drawing surface prevents precise drawing
  • poor implementation of touch - unlike the iphone, only one point is computed out of the large area of contact of your finger with the screen so you end up missing the button even though half of your finger is in the button area.
  • very thick bezel prevents comfortable drawing at the borders
  • so so keyboard (but solid)
  • pen + touch sometimes stops working and you have to restart the machine
This is the best touch+pen tablet on the market and this is saying a lot about the sorry state of this niche market.

look at that bezel

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Logitech 2 (real) mega pixel webcam

  • great video quality
  • fast pseudo 30 fps
  • 2 real mega pixels !! You can use this as a quick and dirty scanner
  • very solid
  • compact
  • completely idiotic capture software (I can't even drag and drop an image and contextual menu doesn't have "open location" !!!!!!!!!!!)
  • huge lag
You don't really have the choice here, it's the best webcam on the market, unless you want to lug around the HP